jueves, 23 de junio de 2011

TKD Notes Lite English now available for iPhone and iPad.

TKD Notes free version!! Now available in english for iPhone and iPad.
 ▲ TKD Notes. English menu

In this version you will find some of the fundamental techniques included in the full version and you can explore all your screens with limited access to certain content.
TKD Notes the only application which covers all of the fundamental Taekwondo techniques. Separated by types, with a concise explanation of how to carry out each movement, interactive photos in which you can visualise each phase of the whole movement. Videos of the eight fundamental poomsaes. All of this separated by grade, making it easy for anyone to understand from complete beginners to more experienced students who want to have the techniques at hand.

Try it and enjoy it!

  ▲ TKD Notes Lite English in iTunes

Si si, habéis leido bien, ya está disponible en iTunes la versión gratuita de TKD Notes. En esta ocasión la hemos lanzado en inglés, para que los amigos del TKD anglosajones puedan probar y disfrutar plenamente de los contenidos de nuestra app.
A disfrutarla!!

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